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Restoring Smiles With The Latest Implant Technology


The team at White Dental Finchampstead understands that the loss of one, some, or many teeth can be a real challenge both emotionally, and physically. 

Losing teeth can have a true impact on self-esteem as it affects the way that the smile functions, and looks. The great news is that implant technology is now so advanced, you can replace your missing teeth permanently. 

Implants are extremely natural in the way they look and feel, and they can replace one, multiple, or even full arches of missing teeth. 

We’re so excited to offer Straumann implants at all of our White Dental clinics to give you the beautiful, functional smile you truly deserve! 

Why Choose Dental Implants in Finchampstead?

Natural Feel & Function

Dental implants are incredibly natural in the way they feel, and the way they enable you to eat and talk just like you could before you had missing teeth.

No Slipping

Dental implants are anchored to your jaw bone, so they don’t allow prosthetic teeth to slip and break like dentures or bridges can.

Preserving Facial Structure

Implants are able to slow down the process of the jaw degrading, a natural occurrence when you lose teeth. We even use Straumann implants which are treated to preserve the jawbone more than standard implants.


You can have one or several teeth replaced with implants. There are multiple treatment options available, making it a highly flexible option for replacing missing teeth.

Made To Last

With great oral hygiene and lifestyle habits, dental implants can last a lifetime.

What Does Dental Implant Treatment Involve?

Implants are made to replace your tooth root with a specially designed metal device. This device bonds with your bone over time, becoming part of your body. Once the implant has bonded to your jaw bone, an abutment is added which allows a prosthetic tooth, bridge or set of dentures to be attached.

With some treatment types, like All-On-4 you are able to go home with a new set of teeth on the day you have the implants placed. 

How The Implant Treatment Process Works


If you are interested in dental implants you need to first come in and see us for a consultation. We will be able to discuss your worries, current dental condition and your ultimate smile goals. We’ll also take a look at your mouth, jaw and we might take some X-rays and scans to determine your bone levels. 

If you have low bone density we may recommend certain treatments like bone grafts and sinus lifts which can increase your suitability for implant treatment. 

Implant Treatment

On the day of treatment we will place a local anaesthetic to numb the area we are treating, and provide sedation if that has been pre-arranged. 

Using precise measurements and plans, we will then place your implants and temporary dental prosthetics if that is part of your treatment plan. You will then go home with a thorough aftercare plan to ensure you are able to care for your implants as well as possible. 


During the healing stage of the process you will have to wait a few months whilst the bone and implant fuse. 


Now the implant has fused with your jaw bone we can place your permanent, bespoke prosthetics. We can place individual crowns, bridges and dentures depending on the type of treatment you are having. 

Following the treatment we will recommend regular check-ups, and hygienist appointments with White Dental to boost the longevity of your implants. 

Implant FAQ’s

Are Implants Suitable For Everybody?

Implants are suitable for most people, but not everybody. However, the barriers that often stand in the way of implants can often be overcome. 

For example; finance can often be provided to help spread the cost of treatment if a bulk payment is a challenge. If the barrier is bad oral health, we can create a treatment plan to boost your oral health and hygiene to get you to a stage where you are suitable for the treatment. 

White Dental will work with you to help you move towards your goals if implants are not immediately suited to your situation. 

Is Implant Treatment Safe?
White Dental runs a highly hygienic, efficient and professional clinic with skilled and dedicated staff members. We also only ever offer treatments proven to be safe for our patients and go through thorough safety procedures and questions to check your suitability for a treatment before we offer it. 

Implant treatment is safe, and even more so in the hands of such experienced professionals, like our Implant team at White Dental. 

Do You Use Special Implants?

We do use special implants at White Dental. We use Straumann implants which are known to help preserve the jaw bone even more than standard implants. 

Is All-On-4 Available At White Dental?

All-On-4 is a treatment we are proud and excited to offer in our clinic. It enables patients to have a complete arch of teeth fitted in just one day, which is really exciting for those eager to enjoy a full set of teeth again. The special tilted placement used for All-On-4 is incredibly stable, and it can even help some patients avoid the need for bone grafts, reducing treatment time and cost. 

If you are struggling with missing teeth now is the time to act. Please call the implant team at White Dental Finchampstead on 0118 973 5770 to see how we can help!

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