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Comprehensive Care For Growing Teeth & Gums


White Dental in Finchampstead is a family-friendly dentist proud to provide first-class dental care for children of all ages. 

From babies’ very first tooth care, to teen teeth straightening, we have the advanced skills and training to ensure these early dental experiences are positive, paving the way for excellent oral health and habits in adulthood.

With gentle and supportive appointments, our focus is to help your child feel totally relaxed during their visit to us. This helps to relieve or prevent any dental anxiety, instead nurturing the best smile care habits from childhood and into adulthood. 

With our advanced facilities, experienced team and plenty of encouragement for your child, we can help younger patients to develop healthy, strong teeth and great oral hygiene habits for life. 

A Positive Start To Oral Health & Hygiene

At White Dental Finchampstead we know just how important it is to ensure our younger patients have a positive experience when it comes to early dental care.

A Positive Introduction To Dentistry

Our dedicated team has the training and experience to ensure children feel relaxed and reassured in the entire clinic, from reception to dentist's chair. Carefully, and gently we ensure appointments consistently reinforce your child's natural positivity and curiosity about their teeth, gums and smile. We know it is key for your child to feel comfortable when they are in our clinic and because of this, we go the extra mile to help them feel happy, relaxed, and in many cases even excited during their visits to us.

Does your child currently suffer from dental anxiety? If so, White Dental has a lot of experience in helping children overcome these problematic and challenging feelings. With the right approach, your child will be able to get the dental support and care they need free from anxiety, stress and worry.

Baby Teeth Monitoring & Care

Your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly important. They help your child to eat properly, and to learn to speak properly too. They also keep the space in the mouth for each adult tooth to come through correctly.

When your child grows to 6 months 20 baby teeth will have come through, although every child is different and this can vary. As these teeth come through we continue to monitor the teeth, gums, oral tissues and jaw to ensure development is as it should be.

If there are any issues, we diagnose them early and develop a suitable treatment plan to help avoid orthodontic issues and any other complications at a later stage.

If your child shows signs of any dental issues, from the simplest to the most complicated, we act quickly to stop it worsening. We may recommend diet and habit changes, orthodontics, general dentistry or possibly restorative treatments depending on the issue. Usually, the most complex plans require a multi-disciplinary approach.

Throughout treatment you will remain fully informed, with regular chats, diagnostics and straight-forward quotes for any costs. We will always be here to answer your questions, and you will always be in control of your child’s oral care at every stage.

With our dedicated team expertise and care, we are able to help children of all ages to grow strong teeth and gums all the way through to adulthood, for a healthy smile for life!

Teeth Straightening For Teens

We provide regular dental check-ups for children of all ages, and at some stage that will include an orthodontic check, usually around the ages of 8 or 9. This helps to identify any potential problems that may require orthodontic treatment, which commonly occurs around the age of 12 or 13, although every child is different. 

If orthodontic care is required, the first step is an accurate diagnosis of the problem. We can then provide a treatment recommendation to suit the needs of your child, including popular teeth straightening options like Invisalign Teen. 

Invisalign Teen is a really great option for teenagers who need straighter, but want to avoid the challenges of traditional brace systems. Should your child be declined braces under the NHS, then Invisalign Teen provides a fantastic option. 

Invisalign Teen is discreet, gentle, and doesn’t affect teeth cleaning, speech and eating in the same ways a metal brace system can. The fact the system is almost entirely invisible is of particular interest to teens, who at such a delicate age, favour a system that is as socially discreet as possible. 

If you are based in Finchampstead and seeking the services of a highly skilled, compassionate dentist for your children, please get in touch with our team on 0118 973 5770. We look forward to your call.

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